Cutting-edge email marketing that drives deeper engagement

TailoredMail just keeps innovating the email marketing space - and clients start bragging about the results they get:

  •  Macklemore (the artist) now gets EIGHT TIMES MORE clicks from fans (versus MailChimp)
  •  Ben Bridge Jewelers has increased sales-from-email by over 200% (versus Exact Target)
  •  Yanni (the artist) sold TWICE as many tickets (versus their use of MyEmma) 

 Take a look at these 20 cool things, amongst many others, that we offer:

1.) Embedded Video that plays INSIDE email!

Empower your emails with video that plays-inside your email campaigns. Is it any wonder why the entertainment industry is flocking to use our solution? It engages fans (by 5-to-8x). It sells tickets (by 2-to-3x). It increases social sharing (by 30x). Only TailoredMail offers this full-featured video solution, and provides detailed subscriber-level tracking; how much of the video did they view, how often, and if shared over Twitter or Facebook - how many of THEIR followers watched it? 

2.) Drag-and-Drop Authoring + Dynamic Content and Geo-Targeting

We offer two ways to build content; Drag-and-Drop for quick and easy, mobile-ready emails - or - a highly flexible designer option for those who want full HTML-level control. Create content or images that dynamically change based on the subscriber's profile, interests, type of device (mobile versus desktop), and so much more. Plus, we are the only provider to offer point-and-click dynamic content and geo-targeting. For example, if one  article in your newsletter (out of, say, 5) is only applicable to customers within 100 miles of Los Angeles, then check a couple boxes - and you're done...that article will ONLY be included in subscriber's emails who match that criteria.

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3.) Drip Responders - nurture your fans with Automation

We've made marketing automation simple as well. Send out an automated series of emails (complete with triggering and scoring logic options) to drive the communications process, and then optionally alert you (or your sales team) with detailed tracking reports. Our simple interface has clients up and running with highly sophisticated behavior options within minutes. 

4.) Predictive Delivery and Time-Release Broadcasting

TailoredMail captures each of your subscribers geographic-location when they open/click an email. We then leverage that information to allow you to optionally send your campaigns across the globe at a specific, universal time - or even have our system deliver the email at the optimal time each recipient has shown to open/read their email! Client can get 15-20% boosts in open rates using these leading-edge features.

5.) Easy-Import Content Wizard

Want to include in your newsletter or campaign an interesting article from your own website, or a published article from the web? Our import-wizard takes a simple link and magically imports it into TailoredMail - instantly mobile-optimized and ready for broadcasting. We grab the title, an image, a snippet of the content, and link it all together. The wizard takes about 30 seconds - and you're done! Check it out:

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6.) Website Form Widget and Survey Tool

Create forms (in minutes) that can be placed anywhere within your website via a simple copy/paste of code. You have full creative control of what these widgets look like, so they seamlessly integrate with your site (in fact, our website is full of them - scroll down to the bottom of this page to see an example - request-a-demo, and our simple newsletter sign-up field in the footer).  Optionally, you can also create multi-branched surveys - or quickly integrate your own forms, JotForms or Gravity Forms directly into TailoredMail with just a few clicks. 

7.) Social Media Publishing, Sharing, and Influencer Tracking

TailoredMail has deep (and whitelisted) integration with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Post your content directly to these platforms with just a coule clicks, and let your subscribers share their email content in highly visual ways. For example, if you send a video within your email, and subscribers share it...they are sharing the actual video (embedded into the Tweet or Facebook timeline), not just a link to the video. The video is fully tracked back to each subscriber, so you can measure and track who your most influential sharers are! We also offer a clever Facebook Fan Page app to show off your most-recent newsletter, video or survey along with a sign-up widget to add new subscribers. 

8.) Mobile-Responsive Templates and Landing Pages

With up to 60% of your emails now being viewed on a mobile device, the click-through-landing-page experience is CRITICAL. We've invented one of the slickest solutions in the industry, and it requires NO additional work; turn emails and landing pages into a finger-friendly, touch-and-swipe experience. Has to be seen to be appreciated, and increases mobile clicks by 5X. Integrates with all of TailoredMail's feature set, including video, forms, Google maps, instant-polls, and image-galleries.

9.) A/B testing + device and layout previews

Ensure your campaign delivers the optimal performance and branding-experience with end-to-end testing features. Perform A/B testing of subject lines, images, articles, templates and more - and leverage our A/B+Winner feature. For example, choose three subject lines to try, and we'll send each to a subset of your list, wait an hour (or a timeframe of your choosing), and resume to the remainder of your list with the winning performer. Test out what your emails look like on 30+ platforms and mobile devices. We even scan for spam words and invalid links - we've got your back!

10.) Granular Reporting - like no other

TailoredMail goes way beyond your typical reporting metrics by tracking the device used, geographic data, website-visits/click-thru's, form submissions, and a truly unique subscriber-segmentation report (by interest area). Our clients boast that TailoredMail's reporting is by-far the most in-depth of any provider they've ever used before. We also offer trends on delivery-by-domain, best-time-of-day to send, best-day-of-week to send, and an powerful querying tool to dig into any data and trends you can imagine.

11.) Built-in landing pages and microsite builder

With just a few clicks, your newsletter articles or campaigns can create intuitive landing-pages in any look and feel you want.  Fully mobile-optimized, you can quickly host complete campaigns (content, videos, forms, dynamic images) without any IT involvement. 

12.) Deliverability and IP Reputation Management Tools

TailoredMail can automatically segment your users into different levels of engagement (e.g. Active, Mildly Active, Inactive), and let you define how often they can be broadcasted to, as well as assign them different IP addresses to ensure your most-active users always go out on the highest-reputation IP address. This feature is revolutionary in its ability to vastly improve your deliverability, and help you keep the cleanest and highest performing list(s) possible. We also offer the most flexible deliverability (and authentication) services around; use your own domain to send email, and get DMARC, SPF and DKIM support to ensure the best possible reputation and inbox-results possible.

13.) RSS-to-email Automated Publisher

TailoredMail can take anyone's RSS feeds and convert them into dynamic emails/newsletters. This powerful feature can be used for any number of purposes, from automatically pushing out an email-update to your subscribers after a WordPress blog post, to publishing a detailed topic-based daily newsletter.

14.) Extend/Syndicate content to salespeople, resellers, or regional offices

One of the more powerful features within TailoredMail is its unique ability to extend your content to be localized/individualized to your sales teams, reseller partners, or regionally dispersed offices. If you have complex authoring needs that must support multiple offices, partners, or sales teams - we've built an elegant solution from the ground-up for this purpose. So much can be done with this capability, such as the Kidder Mathews corporate solution that supports over 300 commercial brokers in more than 5 states, or creating multi-tiered partner solutions such as those we deliver for thousands of Toyota and Chevy dealers throughout the US.

15.) Multi-language support

TailoredMail has the unique ability to let you create and organize (any) multi-language-versions of your content, widgets, profile-centers, and landing-pages. Because of our unique dynamic-content architecture, you can safely create and send to different languages within the same broadcast, if desired. 

16.) Dynamic Query Builder, with automated segmentation

Query your database, or create automated segments of your audience based on their profile fields, tracking history, form submissions, lead-score, and much more. You can even create scheduled actions-to-take based on these results. For example, let's say you are uploading names to TailoredMail via our upload-wizard, FTP-uploader, or API on a daily basis. You can create automated business rules that will perform actions on those new names (or previously uploaded names) - such as segmenting them into different lists, adding them to drip-campaigns, sending alerts to sales, and much more.

17.) Automated/Emailed Reports

Send detailed reports on a scheduled timeframe after broadcasts have occurred. For example, let's say you have 20 salespeople - you can send an emailed-report to each of them showing their assigned contacts click-details within the broadcast. You define what gets sent, to whom, and when/how-often. 

18.) Triggers

We offer a wizard that allows you to perform automated actions when a user clicks a link (or set of links), opens an email, submits a forms, achieves a score, and more. Those actions can include things such as; send an auto-responder email, send a lead-alert to sales, adjust a score, change the subscriber's profile, add/remove them from a list or segment. You can assign these triggers globally across all your campaigns, or granularly within a specific campaign. 

19.) Tight integration with CRMs, Active Directory, and Shopping Carts

We integrate with your internal systems to echange and sync with your contacts, employees, and even your customer transactions. Get deep ROI reporting that tracks the sales of each campaign you send within TailoredMail, and offer "abandoned cart" and transactional emails leveraging all the cool features that we already offer.

20.) Searchable Content & Archives

Offer your subscribers or employees (for internal communications) a powerful archive of your content - allowing them to quickly "search" and find previously published content. Optionally enable your account to be "crawled" by Google, Bing and Yahoo to further extend the reach of anything you publish. 

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