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GMAIL got you down?
Read our blog post on how we improved Newsweek's GMAIL open and click rates from just 2% to 18%, a 900% increase.

The companies who choose TailoredMail have a like-minded, 'best-practices' approach to email marketing - where permission is required, reputation is paramount, and highly personalized content is the norm. We have clients both large and small, ranging from just a few hundred emails a month, to millions, and have almost two decades of deliverability experience and expertise.

We offer one of the most-unique reputation-management capabilities in the industry

  • We offer predictive-delivery, time-zone-broadcasting, IP address warming, and custom-domains (e.g. your company's domain used as the from address, and all links within the emails/landing-pages).
  • We offer IP Address assignment down to each individual subscriber or broadcast. For example, assign all of your inactive subscribers a lower-reputation IP, and use a high-reputation IP for your most-active users. This improves the overall deliverability in your programs.
  • Automatically move people between "groups" (inactive, somewhat-engaged, highly-active) based on triggers and business rules you set in the application - further automating and improving your reputation and deliverability.
  • IP address warming and cadence-sending. Any time you bring on a new client, new IP address, or new list of subscribers, you have to be extremely smart about how you initially send email. We offer an innovative and highly customizable "IP warming" solution that ensures ISPs such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and others are "taught" that you are a legitimate sender of wanted/requested email.

We work with ReturnPath, build relationships with ISPs worldwide, and support every email authentication specification in use today. No other ESP can tout more than what TailoredMail offers:

  • Deliverability monitoring for Gmail, Hotmail/Live/MSN, Yahoo, Comcast and hundreds of other ISPs
  • Automated blacklist monitoring and resolution services
  • SPF, DKIM, DMARC, feedback loop, and list-unsubscribe headers are all built in automatically for each and every email
  • Inbox auditing at over 70+ seed list accounts

TailoredMail also provides every client a dedicated account manager who monitors your deliverability, and can help you take steps to pinpoint-and-fix deliverability issues.

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