Get started for as little as $200 a month.

Pricing starts at $200 per month, and includes the ability to store and send up to 30k email contacts.  If you have 35k or more contacts/subscribers, we are cheaper than Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact - and virtually all the higher-end solutions.  Use the form to get a personalized quote that fits your business - and a 30 minute demo to see how the system might help your business.

Included in all of our plans are unlimited use of:

  • Video-in-Email, Countdown Clocks and Dynamic Images
  • Landing Pages and Microsites
  • Surveys, Polls and Forms
  • Email-on-Acid Layout Previews (view your layouts in 50+ email clients)
  • Website Tracking
  • Integration/interactions with Shopify/Magento shopping carts, CRM's, and Active Directory.
  • Technical Support and Training

Use the form below to tell us how many subscribers you have, the volume of email you send in a given month, and the number of different authors who would use the system -  and we'll provide you with a preliminary quote.

When you begin with TailoredMail, you are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who is an email-expert and provides detailed training and monthly support. They also set up your entire account, including importing or designing templates, uploading and segmenting lists, setting up automated-responders and profile/sign-up forms, integrating with your CRM or Active Directory, and much more.

Please ask any questions, request a demo, or inquire about pricing details below via our form. We are always happy to chat immediately over the phone as well, so feel free to please call us at: (425) 451-4770 or (877) 382-4567.

We make switching a simple, quick, and painless process

If you choose TailoredMail, the first thing you'll notice is how quickly (can be done within the same day) and easily we transition you from your current provider, without interruption. We perform all of the account set-up (e.g. import and clean lists, create templates, and organize your account tailored to your needs) so you can immediately benefit from all that TailoredMail has to offer. 


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