Transactional Email System

Example Uses
  • Receipts
  • Confirmation Notices
  • CMS-to-Email Integration
  • Custom Email Programs
TailoredMail offers a highly robust, API-driven transactional-email solution that leverages all of the industry-leading functionality of our core application. Now you can send confirmation, receipt, and alerts through simple API calls – and empower those emails with dynamic content, embedded videos, highly detailed tracking, social-sharing, and mobile optimization.

TailoredMail’s solution can easily handle heavy-volumes of transactional requests and either send emails immediately, or queue them up for scheduled sending – or even send them on a geo-optimized basis (e.g. ‘send as 9am in the recipients local time zone’).


Smilebox, an online picture-book-publishing service, has hundreds of thousands of customers who create video picture-books and share them with friends and family. Emails needed to be sent to the Smilebox customers as-well-as numerous friends, complete with direct (and dynamic) links back to the newly created picture-book with detailed open-and-click tracking. Using our transactional API, Smilebox was able to deliver and track these high-volume messages, all while leveraging the deliverability, design, and dynamic-content expertise of TailoredMail.

The system offers:

  • Robust tracking and tagging of content, with highly detailed reporting analytics
  • TailoredMail's dynamic content, video-in-email, and A/B testing capabilities for the ultimate personalization
  • Instant, scheduled, or geo-optimized email delivery options
  • Automated triggers and business-rules engine for prospect scoring, sales alerts, and insertion into follow-on campaigns
  • Integrated with our website-tracking feature so you can measure each person's click activity AFTER the email
  • Unlimited template design flexibility, and out-of-the-box mobile responsiveness
  • TailoredMail deliverability expertise and IP reputation management tools get you into the inbox
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