Automate the broadcasting of email newsletters and updates/communications with our powerful RSS importer and highly customizable APIs.

TailoredMail has a revolutionary way to take your (or 3rd party) RSS feeds or API news feeds, convert them into a responsive-designed newsletter, and then automatically schedule/send the broadcast.  An example of this is International Business Times, which publishes daily content in multiple countries and multiple languages. By using our RSS Importer feature, was able to eliminate their production entirely so as to concentrate on content and audience growth/monetization.  Each morning TailoredMail imports a collection of top-stories (and their images), matches them to subscriber interests, and dynamically broadcasts newsletters worldwide.

Features include:

  • Import RSS feeds or API pushes into WHATEVER layout you desire - you have complete design control. We help you design a responsive template so as to be mobile-ready.
  • Schedule the process, receive alerts when the task is completed, and decide whether to simply "load" the broadcast (for editing/proofing) or send the broadcast automatically. 
  • Tag content by interest area for potential automated segmentation
  • Send the broadcast using our "Time-Release" feature that delivers emails at the same time (in each time zone) around the world.
  • Get automated reports emailed to you with immensely granular tracking details

Companies who have automated newsletters, customer-coupon emails, and notifications of new blog posts:

International Business Times (daily news feeds)
Newsweek USA and Europe (daily news feeds)
Latin Times (monthly email magazine)
Porsche USA (automotive service coupons)
Volvo USA (automotive service coupons)
LocalSaver (local business coupons based on your zip code)
​Newsbase (tailored regional news alerts for the Oil Industry)
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