Shopping Cart Integration

TailoredMail integrates with numerous industry-leading shopping-carts to enhance the sales and re-targeting process. For example, a customizable abandoned-cart series of emails can be created and automated to send propsective buyers the contents of the abandoned cart - along with a link to re-open the cart and complete the sale. You can create these emails with any sending-pattern or dynamic content that you want. We've found that 10-20% of all abandoned carts can be converted using this innovative approach - especially when you leverage TailoredMail's unique video-in-email and other personalization capabilities.

We also retain the sales information in our system so that you can perform three critically vital tasks:

  • Measure the "conversions" of your email campaigns to decipher which perform better, and what your ROI is when using email to drive merchandise sales
  • Query the sales data to find prior buyers of specific products, and/or of people who have purchased within a specific timeframe.
  • Automate the follow-up after a sale, perhaps to thank users or ask them for feedback or product review.
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