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Serious Pie Celebrates 10 Years
It's been great fun remembering back ten years ago to the formation of Serious Pie.  We had no idea then what an amazing success it would become, and just how fun it would be to "work that peel.”  There is something magical when it's just you, the fire and the pie...twirling, rotating, dressing, and finally whacking it with the semi-luna knife into eight delicious pieces…then onto our specially-designed service board routed down the middle with steam "escape hatches" to keep our crust crisp and toothy. 
Every detail of that pie was thought through by our team of talented bakers, cooks and service staff, and quite remarkably, almost nothing about the pie or the process has changed since opening a decade ago. 
I would love for you all to come help us celebrate our first ten years, and enjoy what has been call a favorite pizza in America by many.  We will be celebrating with door prizes, for one week beginning September 21st – come join us for a Pie and take home a gift from us! We are so grateful for all of your support over the years.
Tom Douglas

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