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Here are the final offers:

Nov Instant Redemption Prizes Golden ticket prize
29 A free prosecco or coffee nudge with brunch Palace Kitchen dinner for 10
people in February
30 50% off dinner tab Magnum of Produtori Barbaresco with wild mushroom ravioli @ Dahlia for 4


Reminder of how the offers work:

Dahlia Lounge Turns 20 and Celebrates with Food Lifeline

All month long you have an opportunity to be part of the celebration. There are Instant Redemption prizes available at the restaurant and at Dahlia Bakery for the first 20 people who say "Happy 20th Anniversary Dahlia" when they come in. And if you miss out on those there is still a chance to win with the “Golden Tickets“ distributed every day at the bakery and the restaurant for a daily drawing. Winners will be chosen the following day and posted on the website.

To support our long partnership with Food Lifeline we are offering another tier of rewards, which Tom calls, “You feed your neighbor and we’ll feed you”. If you bring in a bag of food with a $10.00 value we will take $10 off your tab.

We hope to see you in November. Please remember it is Dine Around Seattle Sunday through Thursdays so please call for reservations. Phone: 206-682-4142

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